Increasingly so lately, I’ve been asked about whether I have a cake business. The answer is no, I don’t have a business, nor do I ever intend to own one. But I do do paid commissions. I’ve had a number of requests for quotes lately, so I thought it would be much easier if I uploaded a price list of sorts.

Before we get into the pricing, I have to cover a few things. A lot of people can be off put by the price, which I totally understand. I used to drop my prices to match your budget, but I won’t any more. I began making cakes at a loss, something I can’t afford to do. Let’s begin by stating that at these prices I’m still often working at far below minimum wage when I make cakes for people. People have said, “Oh, but I can get a cake from the supermarket for $30.” By all means, if that is what your budget allows for then please do. Custom cakes are a special treat, and they don’t suit everyone’s budget.

Now then, what exactly are you getting when you order from me?

You’re getting a unique, hand-made, fully customisable cake. Everything is hand made to order by me using fresh, high quality, eco-friendly ingredients. You have the ability to choose everything, from the colour scheme to the flavour combinations. I don’t order decorations from a supplier as many bakeries do and I don’t take cheap shortcuts with the ingredients. I don’t get ingredients and supplies at wholesale price, so it costs me the same it would cost you to buy. I purchase ethical and sustainable products, which are therefore often on the more expensive side of the range. This is a standard I won’t compromise on for my family and I certainly won’t for yours. Buying ethical products is important not only to look after the animals that provide us with them, but to look after us as well. You won’t get salmonella poisoning when you buy eggs from happy, healthy hens.

So, if you’ve decided you want a custom cake, this is a rough price guide for you. The final price will depend on the level of detail, time and product required. Most items have links to examples of a typical product from this category, so you can click them if you’re not sure what it refers to, or ask me for a further explanation.

If you’d like to arrange an order, the easiest way is to send me a message through the Cakecrumbs Facebook page or send an email to info@cakecrumbs.me.

I am located in Melbourne Victoria, about 50 minutes north of the CBD. Pick-up is preferred. I can deliver if required, however it will incur a cost. Assembly of large tiered cakes on site will incur an additional costs also.

If you decide to go ahead with an order, there are a couple of conditions you must adhere to:

  • I require a minimum of a week notice, more for larger orders. I may be able to be flexible with a last minute order, but to avoid disappointment do not leave it to the last minute. Some cakes require several days to complete and fondant decorations in particular require drying time between stages. This is also not my day job, so I need time to schedule it around other comittments.
  • I require a 50% deposit before I will begin work on the cake. This allows me to purchase the ingredients for your order. If you cancel the order, the deposit will not be refunded. If, for some unforeseen circumstance, I have to cancel your order (touch wood, this has never happened), I will refund all of your money.
  • Allergy information: I can provide an ingredient list if required. I am able to make cakes to fulfil certain dietary requirements, but if you or a recipient has a severe allergy/anaphylaxis, please do not order from me. While I go to every effort to sanitise my work surfaces, my kitchen equipment and my hands, I am preparing your food in the same home kitchen I prepare food for my family. I cannot guarantee it will not contain traces of an ingredient that may trigger a severe allergy sufferer. I recommend instead you order from a business who has the means to cater for you.
  • Licensed characters: Can’t do them. Short of you getting permission from the license holder for me to create their character for profit, it is illegal for me to do so. Many bakeries will and do ignore this. I both can’t afford the risk of prosecution, and believe it is important to maintain integrity. There are plenty of cakes I can make for you that don’t involve breaking the law.

12 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. Excellent post! I too make custom cakes, but do not own a business. I do it on the side and make everything by hand, including my fondant. I was much like you when I started – charging roughly $1/slice and losing money in the process. I will not do it any longer. If people don’t want to pay for my hard work and time away from my family and baby, I don’t want to make their cake. I do know people have NO clue how much time and effort goes into creating a cake that may look simple, but in reality it took you 8 hours to create. You do beautiful work! I applaud you for not compromising!

    • I think it’s definitely a lesson we all learn the hard way! It usually takes us many hours of hard work, late nights and nothing to show for it before we finally decide that all those man hours are worth something. This goes for many artistic endeavours.

  2. These prices are MORE than fair. Your work continues to blow me away and I would be ecstatic to feature your work, whatever the occasion. (As an American, it may never happen BUT… still wondering about that book… ;D )

  3. Excellent post! I do have a question about ordering cake toppers though – I think I recall that you are only able to ship cake toppers abroad, and not full cakes (more than understandably, of course). May I ask how much a cake topper might be? Since they are so unique, I imagine I would have to discuss what I would like further before deciding on a final price, but I just want to ask as a general guideline; if you had any ideas at present relating to toppers.

    • I don’t have any price guides for toppers as it’s going to depend completely on the complexity and the time involved. You can send me an email if you have an idea of what you want and I’ll give you a quote. I would urge caution for anything really delicate, as the postage is unlikely to treat it very well. You’d also need to give me lots of notice because it will need to be given time to dry completely before being posted.

  4. may i ask do you planet earth cakes count as novelty cakes? What kind of sizes would they come in? Say I have a birthday party for 20-30 kids what would I expect to pay approximately? Thanks so much

  5. Hi i m interested in your grug cake but my party will be in Sydney. How much will it cost to hve a grug cake made for 12 people?

  6. Loved the beautiful planet Earth cake that you made for the folks at Bedtime Math!

    I wish I’d had one to show my students when I was teaching physical science, they would have been fascinated, first by the excellent model, and second by the possibility of eating the lesson!

  7. I apologize, I see on your website that the planet Earth cake was actually made for your Sister (also a teacher). I hope it was a huge hit with her students!

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