Boxing Glove Cake

I’ve had a bit of a mini blog hiatus, largely because my computer basically just says “nope” every time I turn it on. It seems to be agreeing with me monetarily so I thought I’d pop by with a little cake post. this was a cake I was asked to do for an 18th birthday.

Cakecrumbs' Boxing Glove Cake 00

The brief was for a cake to fit two occasions. they wanted a large mudcake fit for a large party. On top it was to be decorated with a smaller novelty cake that could be removed and saved for a celebratory family gathering to follow.

The base was the easy part, so I got started on the gloves. As requested, they were made of vanilla madiera sponge.

Cakecrumbs' Boxing Glove Cake 01

I stacked the cakes, layered them with buttercream and got to carving. When I was happy with the overall shape I smothered them with icing. I was watching the Commonwealth Games as I was working on these, and in an interesting moment of timing the boxing came on as I was carving them up.

Next they got covered in a layer of fondant, detailed and glossed up.

Cakecrumbs' Boxing Glove Cake 05

The boxing gloves were to sit on a plaque of white chocolate so they could be easily removed and saved.

Cakecrumbs' Boxing Glove Cake 02
The main cake itself was one of the most enormous feats I’ve had to undertake yet in regards to the size of the cake. The mudcake was to serve 50. Most people who need a 40+ serve cake opt for tiered, but this was to be one giant slab. It was just on the edge of what my oven could take, too. I had to do some serious rearranging just to be able to get the door to close. Phew!

Cakecrumbs' Boxing Glove Cake 04

The mudcake was layered with chocolate buttercream and covered in whipped chocolate ganache.


5 thoughts on “Boxing Glove Cake

  1. Oh wow!!! That looks too real! love the little seams and creases of the boxing gloves!! Wish I could do something as awesome as this! 🙂

  2. That was a terrific solution to the large party/small party situation. I loved the glossy boxing gloves. Your work is so precise and imaginative. It is a pleasure to view.

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