Australian Animal Truffle Pops

So you guys have seen me do this before…

… but what other iconic Australian animal has a big nose like a koala?

I’m sure you’ve already guessed what comes next.

Wombat pops!

I made these to go with the Dragon’s Lair cake for the Zoology bake off. I didn’t enter these into the competition when asked by the organisers. One entry was more than enough, I just wanted to bring things to share.

As I was planning to do another round of koalas, it struck me that it would be just as simple to turn them sideways and make them into wombats. So I did. … at 4am the night before. So they’re a bit messy.

Angry wombat is angry.

Here’s a photo Kim took of Luisa with their pops.

I just realised you can see the dragon cake in the background. Whoo.

There’s no recipe for these, really, as most of my truffles I do by eye. I find truffle recipes to be… untrustworthy,

What I did was melted down a 200g block of dark chocolate, then mixed this with cream until it achieved the consistency I wanted (perhaps 150ml, maybe more). I processed a whole bunch of chocolate cake scraps I had, then gradually combined this with the chocolate cream mixture and some icing sugar until the mixture felt … rollable? Ha. Basically until it didn’t feel like it was going to coat my hands in chocolate any more, but not so much so that it would crumble and cease to stick.

The koalas are covered with white chocolate dyed grey, the wombats are covered in combined milk and white chocolate (to lighten the colour). The noses are dark chocolate covered coffee beans, and the features were drawn on with gel paste colouring and a toothpick.



6 thoughts on “Australian Animal Truffle Pops

  1. Thanks for the truffles recipe! May I know what colouring do you use to tint the white chocolate? Do you use a specific candy colouring or would regular icing colour be alright?

    Your koalas are super adorable. Love the little ears! 😀

    • Thanks!

      I used Americolor gel food colouring for this. I just used a tiny bit of black. You could use candy colouring if you have it. I have used liquid food colouring before for chocolate, but it is more touch-and-go. I found if I whipped it in quick enough, the chocolate didn’t seize, but now that I have gel colours on hand I don’t risk it.

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