Easter Nest Chocolate Cheesecakes

I never managed to upload the rest of Easter treats I baked. But there is one I wanted to share with you.

These mini-cheesecakes:

I made mini cheesecakes for my party and had wanted to revisit the idea again. As my Easter dinner was to be all finger food, it seemed like the perfect way to revisit it. However, I was stuck on how to make them Easter-ish.

Then I found some speckled chocolate eggs in my fridge and the idea wrote itself. The “nests” are made of roasted coconut. I flavoured the cheesecake chocolate to match the theme.

This recipe yielded 12 cheesecakes, with enough leftovers to fill a small ramekin for my cheesecake-loving boyfriend to have for himself. I used a silicon cupcake mould for these, to aid extraction (I was too busy/lazy to line the moulds individually).


Easter Nest Chocolate Cheesecakes


100g oreos or dark chocolate cookies

50g butter, melted

¾ tsp gelatine

1 tbsp water

125g cream cheese, softened

1/8 cup (28g) caster sugar

½ cup (125ml) cream

40g milk chocolate, melted

Shredded coconut

Chocolate eggs


1. Process biscuits until fine, then combine with butter.

2. Press mixture into moulds until desired height is achieved. For me, this was about a heaped teaspoon.

3. To make cheesecake, sprinkle gelative over water in a small heatproof cup; stand cup in a pot of simmering water and stir constantly until gelatine dissolves. Set aside to cool.

4. Beat cream cheese and sugar in a small bowl until mixture us creamy; beat in cream and chocolate; stir in gelatine

5. Spoon into moulds

6. Roast coconut in a 180°C/300°F oven for around 5 minutes, or until browned.

7. Sprinkle over the edges of the cheesecakes before set, then place chocolate eggs in the centre

8. Chill in fridge overnight


7 thoughts on “Easter Nest Chocolate Cheesecakes

  1. 😀

    I have been wanting to try and make these forever, and I finally have the change to do it tomorrow, and taste them the day after. 😀
    Since it’s not Easter anymore, I’m thinking I’m gonna switch out the topping with some dark chocolate “swirl” thingies (you know when you melt chocolate, make it into a shape and make it harden). Hope this’ll be just as good.
    Unless the coconut is a better flavour with this recipe? 😛

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