The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time — Sage Medallion Cupcakes

I've been dabbling in cake decorating for a couple years now and somehow it never really occurred to me to try fan art. I guess I was always waiting for an excuse, or a request. The Hunger Games cupcakes I made were my very first attempt at fan art, done just for the fun of it. Now that seal is popped it's opened up the flood gates. There are so many things I want to try as soon as time permits. 

Given that possibly my biggest fandom is The Legend of Zelda, it was the next logical place to go. 

I was 9 years old when The Ocarina of Time came out. As a horse lover, I still remember seeing the commercial on TV and losing my mind when I saw the white horse. As many of you will know, you never get to ride that horse, but Epona more than suffices (to add to her awesomeness, Epona in Celtic mythology is synonymous with the Welsh goddess, Rhiannon, my namesake — a relation to the game I never stop finding cool).

That game created an obsession in me that has never subsided. I don't know how many times I've clocked the game, but it never fails to blow my mind. The re-launch of it with upgraded graphics via the 3DS was a fangirl's dream.

I love the design elements in Zelda titles, and The Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games aesthetically. The symbolism is fantastic. So while I was waiting for the cupcakes to cool for a separate fan art project, I decided to kill time making something simpler. These weren't as speedy as I imagined them to be and took me quite a while to finish. But I had so much fun, humming the associated songs while making them.

Here they are as seen in the chamber of sages:

I had intended to engrave the Hylian writing around the outside of these, but by the time I got this far I felt they looked finished. They looked neat and I was worried adding the writing would look too busy, so I left it at this. The official art also has them decagonal in shape, but as they are often seen rounded I decided to go in that direction to match the shape of the cupcakes. 

Here's some close-ups for you. 

Raru's Light Medallion:

Saria's Forest Medallion. 

Darunia's Fire Medallion

Ruto's Water Medallion

Nabooru's Spirit Medallion.

And last but not least, Impa's Shadow Medallion. 

I definitely am going to do more Zelda-themed cake in future. I had so much fun with these. After I finished these I tried Googling to find other versions of Sage Medallion cupcakes. I thought there'd be heaps, but I couldn't find a single one. In fact, relative to the popularity of the series, there weren't that many Zelda-themed cupcakes at all. If you've made some please do share! I'd love to see other fans' take on these.

I'd totally share these with you, but Link says they're all his. 

… he looks pretty serious, you guys. 

These exploded a little bit over Tumblr, and then were featured on Zelda Dungeon. Massive thanks to all you fans for the cupcake love. ♥


6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time — Sage Medallion Cupcakes

  1. Ahhhh! These are so unbelievablly awesome! I love Ocarina of Time too (it’s my favourite console game), so it’s SO COOL to fan art in cupcake form. I’m going to show these pics to my sister, whose an even bigger fan than me. She is going to freak out! 😀

      • Cool

        Very nice. I wish I could find an easy way to make these for my Zelda movie, but I guess not 0_0 it seems sorta out of my cooking Standards. He he he… How did you even get the frosting to be so solid yet not messy?

        • Re: Cool

          Thank you. 🙂 I used fondant, so it’s really pliable and dries hard. It’s sorta like using clay, except it dries really quickly and is a bit more difficult to work with.

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