Getting back into the groove

My, my has it been a while. I definitely didn’t expect my blogging hiatus to last this long. No good reason, really. After landing a full time job you just kind of get caught up in the day to day grind. Suddenly, “I’ll post next week,” became, “Maybe next year”! I feel like little has changed, yet at the same time everything has. I got engaged, got a house with my partner and 4 weeks ago we brought home a new puppy. I’m at home a little more now so I want to make an effort to get back to doing what I loved. I’ll kick things off with a proper post next week. But mean time, here’s a bit of a photo dump of some of the things I’ve made since I last posted.


I’ll start off with some of the cakes I have photos of that I was commissioned to do. Once I stopped blogging I stopped recording everything so most of these are just mobile photos yoinked off Facebook.

The first one is a wedding cake I was asked to do for a wildlife-centred wedding at a zoo! They wanted it to match their Australian native bouquet which featured mostly king proteas and silver dollar eucalypts. Definitely a very nervous delivery as those sugar petals on the proteas were very delicate. But it made it in one piece.

The next is a cake I was asked to do for a birthday. The design came from one of the birthday boys designs from his website, substituting the birthday message for the product name [Double Glazed Goods].


This one I was asked to do something with weights for another birthday boy who loves to hit the gym.


Another sports themed cake that made me do more math than I was anticipating. Sphere cake, easy peasy, I thought. But cutting out the right size shapes to evenly cover the sphere ended up being the challenge. After one great learning opportunity of an attempt, I got there with the second one.


This was a baby bump cake I was asked to do for my cousins baby shower. I know the internet has some pretty mixed feelings towards these kind of cakes, but I tried to keep it as classy as I could. I can’t lie, though, sculpting the little baby foot was fun.


A minion cake a friend asked me to to for their birthday. (I know, internet, I know)


This is is a bit of an older one; A Queen of Hearts bithday cake I was commissioned to do for a 60th. They wanted the design to mimic the dress from the live action Alice in Wonderland.


This one I was asked to do for my boss who is absolutely obsessed with pop vinyls. His indiana jones pop vinyl is one of his favourites. This one was the first week I moved into my new house and had basically all of my cake decorating equipment was lost inside boxes somewhere. So that was a fun back to basics. The only thing I could find to ‘paint’ the beard with was burgundy chocolate powder so it was a bit of a struggle. But he loved it anyway.



And last of all, here’s a random selection of some birthday cakes I’ve made.

A passionfruit and raspberry mousse joconde imprime for my partner’s mums birthday


Banoffee cheesecake for my partners’ 34th birthday


The next year was a honey and cinnamon cheesecake


And a lemon custard sponge for my partner’s uncles birthday






10 thoughts on “Getting back into the groove

  1. Very happy you’re posting again. Your work is an inspiration. Even though I need to stay away from sugar I can still let my eyes being happy from seeing your art.

  2. Wow ! Didn’t expect a newsletter from you in my inbox: i’m so glad though ! I enjoyed the pictures of the cakes you made in this article ^^
    Congratulations for posting again, i know the step can be hard sometimes to get back on a project when it’s been put on hold for a long time.
    Best wishes 🙂

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