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Hi. My name is Rhiannon. I’m 25, I’m an Aussie and I’m a Zoology graduate. I’m fiercely passionate about wildlife conservation, as well as a great many other things.

But this blog is all about food. I’m a self-taught cook and cake decorator. I’ve always loved cooking. Food is the common language that binds us all. It’s a vital part of our day, and a central part of it for many. I love making food for people — there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you plate up a wonderful dish that people enjoy.

More recently, I’ve gotten right into baking and especially cake decorating. I’ve always had a love for artistic things, so to be able to combine my love of baking and art is just wonderful. Food is a medium like any other. Through it I hope to learn the craft and create works that push the boundaries, show you something you might not have seen before, maybe even change your mind about food as an art form.

I’m still learning. I have a very long way to go.

This is what I’ve churned out so far.

30 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t even explain how excited I am to have stumbled across your blog! I love it SO MUCH. I can’t wait to read through some more of your previous posts and I look forward to all of your future ones as well!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I can already see a rounder version of myself, I want to try all your recipes!! the planet cakes are amazing, will keep visiting, good job!

  3. You don’t know how much you make my day with all the lovely cakes!! They are so amazing! If you are in Canberra, I would want to meet youuuuu!! 😀

  4. Rhiannon, this is truly stunning creative work, I’ve just watched the video tutorial for the Jupiter Cake as well… Totally flabbergasted.

    I’d love to reblog this if that’s OK?


  5. Hi Rhiannon!
    I love your cakes, especially the planet cakes. I do a blog about the space age and everything around it. I took your photos and referred to your blog, i hope that’s ok (if not, i’ll remove them quickly). I had to post the cakes, they are great!!!

    Best wishes from Germany,

    • Hi Kater,

      Thank you for stopping by! You are certainly most welcome to share the photos as long as they’re credited, as you have done. I’m always humbled by it.

      Many thanks,

  6. Your ‘about’ shares my passion exactly. Self taught but loving the creative side of baking – as you say it brings out the artist inside you. There is no finer thing than to make people happy through food.
    As a dragon collector – your creation is EPIC!!
    so glad to have stumbled on your blog. I love the tutorials – for those of us self taught it is trial and error 🙂

  7. Seems you are not just a fantastic baker (and I am thoroughly enjoying your posts) but also a talented photographer. Any chance you could do a short post on how to photograph food, or the process? Thanks! Barbara

    • Thank you kindly. I am quite new to the photography side of things – some months ago I purchased a book on food photography and bought my first SLR and since have been trying to learn the craft. I have much to learn but perhaps I can throw something together soon.

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  9. Hi!

    I discovered your blog last night while I was procrastinating (I should have been studying for my last ever exam for my zoology degree but after excitedly reading that you are a zoo graduate from Australia who also has a procrastibaking blog (I do too!)) I felt like this was clearly a sign from the study gods!

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved looking through your blog and really admire that you don’t compromise on sustainable ingredients 🙂 Also, I think your lolly bag cake looks even better than Bernard Chu’s!


    • That is so wonderful to hear! I hope your exams went okay? I still remember exam stress like it was yesterday and it’s certainly not fun!

      Thank you for your generous words, too. They are very much appreciated.

      • Hey, I am so happy that I stumbled across your blog. You have inspired me so much to get started with baking. I live in Melbourne too. Hope to see you around sometime. Do you give lessons or need an assistant ? I will take up both roles 🙂

  10. Hi I have been looking through your recipes and they are amazing – do you have a cookery book because if you do, I will definitely buy one. I love your Jacamonde, all your recipes look amazing.


  11. Wow. I have literally just found your website because I’m keen to try the Lolly bag cake. And then BAM! So. Much. Inspiration.
    So great. Keep up the good work!!

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