Chocolate Mousse Profiterole Cake

When my sister’s birthday approached she requested one thing: for a cake that involved mousse. Challenge accepted!

I didn’t actually use a recipe for any of this, simply went by feel and previous experience to try to create something that would be mousse like, yet conform to the shape of a cake. After chilling for a night, I was nervous about unwrapping it.

So I was relieved when, after removing the acetate, it stayed relatively smooth. The cake base is a mudcake, on top of which is a generic chocolate mousse recipe (with a ratio of 1 egg : 100ml cream : 100g chocolate) stabilised with gelatine, and on top is stabilised cream (sweetened with a touch of icing sugar and vanilla essence).

And you just know I love surprises, so inside I stuffed it with cream-filled profiteroles. Though it’s not really worth making a quarter batch of choux pastry, so might as well bake a whole batch. Gotta love leftovers.

The top was garnished with strawberries and chocolate discs. The birthday girl doesn’t even like strawberries, so this was both a selfish indulgence (I LOVE them) as well an an addition for aesthetic purposes.

Candle time

Time to cut the cake. Managed to eventually cross section two profiteroles so you guys could see them inside! Most of us found them smack bang in the middle of our slices of cake.

Plated up and ready to be nommed!

Birthday girl loved it, strawberries and all.


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