Cook Book Challenge: Week 16

Unlike almost every other week of this challenge, I actually have no idea where this recipe book came from. It may have been another op-shop find from years ago, or it may have been one my mum had and never used and ended up leaving for me. It's so tiny that it was hidden amongst my much bulkier books, long since forgotten. But while digging through recipe books looking for one to try this week, I found it and decided to have a flip through.

This one is Margaret Fulton's "Book of French Cooking". After a few savoury challenges, it was time to pursue the dessert section once more.

I didn't get much further than the Mousse à l'Orange. A sweet mousse without chocolate?

I was intrigued.

The resultant product was delicious. Packed with flavour and sweet enough that you very much don't miss the chocolate component. I scooped out the innards of a few oranges and served the mousse inside their shells (any excuse to eat even more oranges, really). Of course, you can serve these in any dish of your choice.

Plating up. Served the mousse with vanilla ice cream. I usually serve mousse on its own, but in this case it complimented it perfectly. This mousse is much fluffier and much less rich than usual.

And cause it sorta looks like I'm just taking pictures of oranges, here's a more top down view.

If I were to make an alteration to this recipe next time it would be sieve the mixture to remove the rind before adding the cream and meringue. Having said that, I was the only one who seemed bothered by it's presence in the mousse. Alternatively, you could use a microplane grater.

Also, you may notice the recipe calls for you to add hot water to the gelatine. I never do this as I've found it clumps it. Instead I add cold water to it and heat it by standing the dish in a pan of simmering water. I'm sure Margaret knows much better than I do – follow what your gut tells you.

Here's Margaret's recipe:

Mousse à l'Orange


6 eggs, separated
1 cup caster sugar
3 tablespoons Cointreau (I subbed this for a little orange essence and vanilla essence)
grated rind and juice of 4 oranges
3 tbs gelatine
2 tablespoons hot water
2/3 cup cream, lightly whipped
mint leaves, to decorate


1. Put the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl over a pan of hot water and whisk un til thick and creamy. Gradually whisk in the Cointreau, orange rind and juice, Continue whisking until the mixture is thick. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
2. Put gelatine and water in a bowl over a pan of hot water and stir until dissolved. Add to the orange mixture.
3. Fold in cream. Whisk egg whites until stiff and fold into the orange mixture.
4. Spoon into individual dished and chill until set. Decorate with mint to serve.

2 thoughts on “Cook Book Challenge: Week 16

  1. This was so delicious! And I loved how you plated it up too. It reminded me a lot of a lemon meringue, but instead orange …

    All the different textures of the mouse were nice too.

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