My 24th Birthday Cake

As I mentioned in my last cakey post, Easter weekend was my birthday. I ended up making three cakes that weekend, which is probably some record for me. This was the one I made for my birthday.

I seem to have such a lack of inspiration for cakes lately. The month leading up to my birthday, I just could not figure out what I wanted to do. Even as I began making it, I had little direction. It's those unplanned cakes that usually come out the worst for me, so I wasn't expecting great things.

The first thing I decided on was steering away from fondant. Some people love it, some hate it, so I'm trying to broaden my horizons practise gateaux. Getting a cake that looks as clean and professional as fondant cakes look is something I find difficult. Less is often more, and I'm not good at restricting myself to less.

In the end I decided on chocolate flowers, so I set about making the petals. I'll post a tutorial for this later.

The best part about making your own birthday cake is getting away with pitching it to your own tastes. I rummaged through the fridge and found a couple of punnets of strawberries, a batch of leftover ganache that has to date made it through 4 cakes so far and still has some to spare, and some unopened cream. Perfect. Time to fill her up.

And a few more of your fav-ou-rite things…

It was admittedly difficult for me to not grant myself an early birthday present right then. Strawberries, cream and chocolate, oh my.  

I filled the centre bud with yellow-tinted cream and piped swirls on choc transfer sheets for the stamens.

I covered the cake with chocolate buttercream, and used the leftover chocolate to make a base for the flower. I was going to emboss the buttercream, but I used melted chocolate in the buttercream so it didn't crust.


Nom nom nom. This cake didn't last very long. My boyfriend's mum asked me if there was alcohol in it: there wasn't, as I dislike boozy cakes. It was just the cut strawberries reacting with the sugar in the chocolate and cream that gave off a strong strawberry flavour, and became almost syrupy in parts.

My dad, who is not much of a sweet tooth, even asked if he could take some home. That's a first. 


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