Skyward Sword: Scrapper Cake

If you've played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, not only is your life complete, but you'll also know who this is:

This is the other Zelda fan art of was working on when I made the Sage Medallion cupcakes. It's something I'd intended to do for a while, so while I had some downtime I decided to embark on the project.

His name is Scrapper. He's an Ancient Robot from Lanayru provice, only instead of residing in Lanayru with the rest of them, he lives in Skyloft with Gondo (a NPC) and his family. He's broken down, but Link brings Gondo the Ancient Flower needed to revive him. Also unlike the rest of the robots in Lanayru, this guy has some serious attitude. His abrasive attitude towards Link makes him an annoying character, and one I never warmed to (at least until this amazing piece of fan art made me feel sorry for him). So it's perhaps strange that he was the first piece of edible fan art I wanted to do, or why I looked at him and thought, "CAKE!" 

For a reference I used my copy of Hyrule Historia, or rather a photocopy of this page to avoid dirtying the original. There's no shot of the back, so I compensated by making trips to Lanyru to confirm design aspects, chasing the Ancient Robots around in circles to get a look at the back of their heads. I'm sure the Thunder Dragon thought Link was a weirdo. 

The cake is comprised from Texas-sized almond buttercake cupcakes, which were joined and crumb-coated with vanilla buttercream. 

I had intended to take progress shots, but I got so into it that the next time I remembered to take a photo was here:

The most challenging aspect was the hat, as Scrapper's hat is so thick, making this whole cake really top heavy. 

But it was also loads of fun, getting all the little details in there. 

I did make hands for Scrapper, but they were too heavy and wouldn't stay up. I removed the wire when they risked dragging through the cake and ripping the sides to shreds. I've never used wire in a cake before I have this philosophy of only using edible things in cakes, so it was a total experiment. That's an aspect to work on should I ever have cause to make this again. 

I'm not entirely sure what to do with him now. Initially I decided I'd have no qualms cutting it up and eating it him, especially given that inside is one of my favourite cakes of all time. But I can't bring myself to do it. Every time I see him I get a little bit excited about having my very own Scrapper.

Massive thanks to Zelda Dungeon for featuring this cake in one of their articles. It's an absolute honour.  

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