Cookie Monster Cupcakes

There are some things you never get too old to enjoy. The Cookie Monster is definitely pretty high up on that list. Be it nostalgia or just a love for the kooky blue guy, everyone seems to love him.

These cupcakes were a commission from my sister for her friend's birthday. My sister had been almost begging me for months to make these for her friend, but I kept saying it would depend on my research commitments as to whether I would have time. When my trapping schedule got delayed by a week, I found the time to fill the order, much to my sister's excitement.

There are a thousand versions of this guy in cupcake form. This is mine. 

Whichever way you go, it's not that difficult to make. This way does require a love for a lot of icing, however. I was assured by sister that this would not be a problem for her choice of recipients. 

I dye the buttercream icing blue and shape it into place. I then coat it in dessicated coconut, also dyed various shades of blue to give a 'fuzzy' look. These are more old-school cookie monster, rather than the lighter blue of the more recent version. I've seen a lot of people use white chocolate melts for the eyes, but I use kool mints. I don't like cakes to have a 'front', so this looks effective from all angles. Bonus feature: after having such an enormous amount of icing, the kool mints are also great at cleansing the palate. 

Then all they need is some black dots for eyes and a cookie stuffed in his mouth. Some of them get bigger cookies than others. Greedy Monsters. 

Sister said she needed 10, so I made a dozen just in case. 

The cupcakes themselves are chocolate. Of course. Always a crowd-pleaser.

There was one more thing to warn my sister about before making the cupcakes. The amount of dye required could result in some black and/or blue teeth and tongues. 

Not a problem, she said.


17 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Cupcakes

    • The top two thirds of the dome are icing, but the cupcakes are raised over the patty pans and the icing is smoothed around the cake (if that makes sense). I actually had a bit of a disaster with the cupcakes and they had epic muffin top going on, so I had to carve them. You can see it in the second pic.

  1. I made my own cupcakes for the first time, and decided to challenge myself with your cookie monster cupcakes – and they turned out awesome: !!!

    I made the bottom out of super chocolaty muffins, and it went perfectly with the coconut taste of the topping!

    I planned to do the dark blue version of the cookie monster, too, but in the end it just turned out lighter than I planned to. But they still looked really cute!

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