Watermelon Truffles

I've often heard people say that anything that tastes great isn't good for you. I disagree: fruit is one of my favourite things in the world, and some fruit in particular to me taste better than any sweet imaginable. Watermellon is one of those things.

It's not watermelon season here in Australia at the moment so there's no lovely fresh, local watermelon in the stores at the moment. In lieu of being able to sink my teeth into those, I created some truffles inspired by one of my favourite food items in the world. 


These truffles may taste nothing like watermellon, but the aesthetic is enough to tide me over until summer arrives. 

When I'm making truffles, I tend not to use a recipe. Half the time the recipe will be spot on, and other times it'll leave you with truffles that are impossible to roll without getting covered in chocolate. It's best to make them by feel. Here's how I make mine.

First we need our cake crumbs. I used a large batch of buttercake mixture I made for a few projects and tinted white. The recipe made 12 cupcakes, but I used 6 for the truffles. Crumble them up using either your fingers or a food processor. The crumbs don't need to be especially fine. I used a light coloured cake, rather that something like red velvet, because I didn't want the chocolate colour to detract from the redness. 


I then made a white chocolate ganache by heating 100ml of cream and pouring it over 200g of chocolate and stirring until smooth. I added some red food dye so the white chocolate wouldn't lighten the colour of the truffles. 

Then all you have to do is mix the cake crumbs, the ganache and some chocolate pearls (alternatively, using chocolate chips, sprinkles or black sesame seeds). 


Roll heaped tablespoons of the mixture into truffles and pop them on a lollipop stick.


Pop them in the fridge for long enough to set and become cold. The coolness of the truffles helps set the chocolate rapidly once melted.

Then it's as easy as dipping them in some white chocolate…


And then into some green-tinted chocolate. 


And done!


I'd orginally planned to paint some watermellon stripes onto the outside, but I so loved the speckled look it took on that I left them as is. 


These truffles are pretty sweet thanks to the white chocolate, so if you're anything like me you won't be able to handle many of these at a time. If you're a sweet-tooth, you may have more trouble being as reserved as we were.


The best part is getting to crack them open. 


Grab the printable recipe here.

13 thoughts on “Watermelon Truffles

  1. I really love that recipe. Gonna make that soon! 😉

    I just have some questions! How did you colour the cake crumbs or did you color the dough before backing? What kind of food colour did you use? Can you recommend me a good butter cake recipe? 🙂

    Thx in advance!^^

    • I used liquid food colouring and added it to the batter along with the other wet ingredients. The buttercake recipe I use comes from a book called Cookery The Australian Way – the recipe is in a grid and uses ratios dependent on how rich you want it to be. It’s really confusing and not well written so I’ve never typed it up. But any light coloured cake batter will work fine for these – the best thing would be to stick to a recipe you know and trust.

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