Dumbo Cake

Over on deviantART one of my favourite groups, Project Educate, is holding an Artisan Crafts contest. The theme this year is "Circus". I've been wanting an excuse to do a circus cake for forever. Alas, with the weather being as phenomenally hot as it is, I couldn't days working on an epic cake. So I had to downsize.

When I think circus, my first thought is my favourite: Cirque du Soleil. Particularly since I just recently witnessed their amazing Ovo show, as well as the Cirque du Soleil "Worlds Away" movie. I well and truly have cirque on the brain. But doing a cake that did that amazing circus justice was out of the question, do I went for something a little smaller.

My second thought when I hear circus is everyone's favourite elephant. Dumbo was one of the first Disney movies I ever saw, and definitely one of the videos that endured constant rotation in my parent's VCR.

He sits perched atop a pedastal made of red velvet cake, buttercream and fondant. One thing I noticed when going through old photos and videos is that the colours all change from version to version, country to country. So I picked one style and stuck to it.

The ears were an absolute nightmare to get to stay on and upright, but we sort of got there in the end.

I had to include a tribute to everyone's favourite Dumbo song. We've all got this song stuck in our heads now and have been walking around the house incessantly singing it.

And of course I had to give Dumbo his magic feather.

I'm terrible at mimicking and realism do it's not exactly his likeness. I had 3 attempts at the head before deciding I wasn't getting any closer. It was a good excuse to practise some fondant work, though.

But I have to admit to falling in love with his tiny tail.


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