Pirate Cake

Here’s a quick little cake I did for a customer who was organising a pirate party for her son’s birthday. She got her son to choose the theme, and he responded with a ‘pirate and green’ theme. While she got to crafting all the decorations for the occasion, I set about making the cake to match.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 00

Underneath it all was a tri-layered mudcake, covered in whipped chocolate ganache.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 01

When discussing the options for the sand covering I offered the option of doing a biscuit layer for the sand rather than fondant. Not just for aesthetics but using a good ‘sand’ recipe makes for a lovelier taste, too. She opted for biscuit sand, so I began by covering the chocolate ganache with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 02

And then came the delicate process of adding all the sand! Fairly sure I got about as much sand on the bench as I did on the cake, but we got there in the end.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 03
The rest of the cake followed a very specific brief on the fondant figures and their design.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 04
Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 05
My favourite part was getting to make the plaque on the front of the cake in the style of a treasure map.

Cakecrumbs' Pirate Cake 06
The scroll was made from fondant, then painted with food colouring.


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