Mother’s Day Baking and a little more…

You know when you have one of those baking days where everything just goes wrong?

While dealing with the frustration of having cakes that just did not cook properly, I set about making these for co-op:

Vanilla glaze rings. They’re misshapen, and I was a little too heavy with the yellow food dye in the lemon glaze, but at least they were yummy. The recipe said to pipe royal icing on them, but I opted for white chocolate instead.

Then there was the Mother’s Day cake that failed at every step of the way. Here’s the bubby dragon cake:

Top view.

And the 3 other sides:

The cakes are covered in rolled fondant. The dragon body is make of orange cake, as that’s what mum wanted. The eggs are red velvet cake, for no other reason than I ran out of butter and needed a recipe that didn’t use butter. Originally they were going to be some sort of rich chocolate cake. All of them are covered in vanilla buttercream, the central cake having two layers of it inside.

It took mum ages to bring herself to do it (I may or may not have had to encourage her first by inducing her to stab the bubby dragon), but eventually she cut it open:



One thought on “Mother’s Day Baking and a little more…

  1. I don’t even have to read the entire post to know that you’re being negative here. The baby dragon cake and the biscuits looked awesome. You’re much too hard on yourself.

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