Black and red cupcakes

Black Bottom Cupcakes

More baking for co-op. Started off with a batch of black bottom cupcakes.

There were a few small disasters here. Such as realising half way through that the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius in the recipe was way off, and the fact that my boyfriend’s oven was really fan-forced (mine isn’t), so I was cooking them at least 50 degrees higher than I should have been. No wonder they were cooking in half the time! I wasn’t the biggest fan of these (perhaps cause I’m not big on cream cheese?) but my friends loved them. The fact that they demolished 30+ of them in and hour between the 8 of them probably evidences the fact!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

This next batch was born of an idea I had in my head that I was dying to do, and once I get an idea in my head I can’t stop obsessing over it til I try it (can someone please get married so I can get the wedding cupcake idea out of my head? kthnx). And since we’re in Autumn here in Aus, I decided to make the colours Autumn themed!

The cake is, as the heading suggests, red velvet.

They’re covered in cream cheese icing and then the fondant lattice on top, followed by a piped border of cream cheese icing.

It was very time consuming, and difficult because the fondant dries out quickly, so I did as many as would fit in my container with the lattice pattern. Then discovered that they were too bulky so I had some spares. The remaining cakes I covered in cream cheese icing and adorned with various autumn-themed goodies.

What do you do when you run out of patty pans and have more batter left over? That’s right, mini-cup cakes!

I used my new blossom cutter for the marbled fondant blossoms. I’m in love with it!

A rather embarrassing event followed the taking of these cupcakes to co-op at Uni, involving random people approaching me asking if this was the cupcake extravaganza (ironically, the baking club were apparently having said extravaganza in the same building which mine kept getting mistaken for), and one person asking to take photos of them for her food blog and subsequently asking me to volunteer for a celebrity chef thing coming up soon. If it were possible, I might have died from the embarrassment!



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