Baby Shower Cupcakes

My cousin is pregnant with her very first baby. On the weekend just gone, she had a baby shower for him. This was also my very first baby shower. I wanted to do a little something special for her as a gift, as I wanted to give her something more than just the Baby Bunting voucher my Aunt said she wanted. Of course, any excuse to bake is a good excuse. Hence, these little ones were born:

I started off with the almond cupcake recipe that I fell in love with, as seen here. In these patty pans, it made 6, although it could have been more: the patty pans really should have been filled less as they rose too high and I had to trim them down.

Then I set about making the baby faces.

I hadn’t done them before, and I learnt a lot along the way. There’s room for improvement, but they’ll suffice for a first go.

I had lots of fun experimenting with expressions. I did one sad one, but I don’t like crying baby cupcakes so I refrained from doing those. I tried for a gender neutral theme, as it was only on the weekend that I learnt the sex of the baby. Regardless, I still wanted to do both genders as one can be boring.

Into a Wilton cupcake box and they’re all ready for their nap.

I added some hopefully gender-neutral ribbon (I was going for a stripy theme, can you tell?), made a tag to match the hand-made card.

And we’re ready to deliver them!


6 thoughts on “Baby Shower Cupcakes

  1. Baby Cupcakes

    Wow… those look amazing. You did a really good job with the faces. And the hand made card was a nice touch. I would love some for the baby shower for my baby in December =D

  2. It is very professional thing. very-very nice!!!! i like to make something alike for my child.

    i read those baby faces were for your cousin, but do you sell them for money? is it your business?

    • Thank you. No, I don’t do this professionally, my profession is Zoology. I’m very much an amateur at decorating. It’s just a hobby I love to do. I do paid commissions sometimes.

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