Farewell Cupcakes

After making the Spotlight cake, I got the reputation at work as being “The Cake Decorator”. This amuses me, because most have only seen that one cake, a cake I don’t consider to be especially good.

One of the girls there said I would have to make her a cake one day. After she announced she was leaving, I later had the realisation that I’d never done as I promised.

Time was uber short, so total fondant cake was out of the question. I decided to play with cake picks for the first time.

These were a lot of fun to do, and an easy way to decorate. Despite being a complete rush job.

I set aside 6 in a box for her, as cakes don’t often last long sitting in the tea room at work.

Unfortunately, they were a little tall for the box. Next time I do these I’ll probably have to make my own box.

I made a little tag for her box, as well as doing a hand made card to match.

It’s a really fun, and easy gift to do for someone.

And then there are all the leftover cakes for the masses.

The cakes are the almond cupcake recipe as seen here, topped with chocolate and strawberry buttercream.



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