Dad’s 57th Birthday Cake

Dad's 57th birthday was on the 1st of November. He's not much of a sweet tooth, but he does love mudcake. I had him over for dinner and made him his favourite meal; beef osso bucco. I decided last minute to throw together a cake for dessert.

So I revisited the recipe shown here, but baked it as a single cake this time.

This cake is very moist. In a getting-it-out-of-the-cake-tin-is-an-adventure type of moist. If you have one of those springform pans that double as a serving dish, that would be perfect for this cake. It is best served straight out of the oven and is a delight with fresh cream and berries of your choice. Served at room temperature or cold after the melting chocolate inside has set, it takes on a new fudgey texture that some in my family feel is even better. Either way, this recipe is a total winner.

I decorated it with chocolate bark and truffles. These truffles weren't home made as originally intended due to lack of time, but either way they function as an easy way to bring a bit of life to a cake – not to mention the fact that they are totally delicious, and a favourite of my dad's.

One thought on “Dad’s 57th Birthday Cake

  1. Impressive photos! My computer screen looks good enough to eat right now.

    I loved this recipe the second time round. Not sure if I liked the more moist or more solid cake better. Both were very good!

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