Pirate Dreams

Were you ever one of those kids who used to sneak-read?

Your parents would tell you lights out and you'd pretend to sleep until you could hear they were out of range. Then you'd sneak a torch, or any handy light source, under the covers and get stuck into a novel, heart beating from the adrenaline at the thought of getting caught.

And just sometimes, you'd be so into the book that you'd fall asleep. Still engrossed in the story, your dreams would follow suit — you lived the story with eyes wide shut as you dreamed the hours away. That's exactly what happened to this little boy…

Reading his favourite pirate novel, his eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep. His room transformed as his bed set sail.

He takes his teddy companion and grabs hold of a mast, ready to embark on a piratey adventure.

Where did his dreams take him? That story is left for you to fill in the blanks.

One lace it did stop off at was Bundoora Park. This Pirate Dreams cake is the cake I made for my cousin's son's first birthday. She wanted to purchase a cake off of me, but I decided to do this as a gift for the little man. This is the same little boy whose parents received the baby shower cupcakes before he was born. Perhaps I'm staring something here…

She asked for chocolate mud cake, and so this turned out to be the heaviest fondant covered cake yet! It was heavier than the two tier jobby I did for the last birthday numero uno.

The bed is also cake. Both are covered in chocolate ganache and then marshmallow fondant. I brushed the 'water' with tinted piping gel to give it a wet look.

The main cake makes the floor of the room, beneath which is home to the fishies.

There were little schools of them on all sides of the cake.

And we can't forget Mr. Cheeky Octopus, who wants to know what happens next in the story.

The flag is the only part that's not fondant. I had a single afternoon to make the entire cake so I thought I'd take the paper route so I didn't lose it over the flag not staying straight. To be honest, between a week of 5am starts and 10pm finishes, I'm surprised I managed to even start the cake, let alone finish it!

Yet despite any annoyances I had with it, it became the centre of attention (when I eventually rocked up, late). Parents were apparently thrilled by it. My Aunt, who likes to dob me in, made sure to make a point of saying I should be in the photos with it in front of everyone. The kids – they didn't care, man – it was cake! But I even heard them asking who made it. It seems the pirate theme is loved by all – old and young.

The cake filled tummies and I heard kids going back for plentiful serves. My cousin, who had taken the whole bed off the top and put it on a plate for saving told the kids there was no more cake before winking at me. But that served a purpose I hadn't intended or considered – the bed cake acted as a keep sake, while the bottom was enough for the guests. My cousin told me she never found the heart to eat the baby shower cupcakes — I wonder what will become of this?

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10 thoughts on “Pirate Dreams

  1. Another epic cake! If you had done this in a couple of days it would have been amazing. The fact that you did it in one and with all the busy-ness of uni, is epicly amazing.

  2. OMG

    This was such a lovely post!! I’ve been lurking, drooling and gathering courage and inspiration to start baking … and never commented before >.> I am so sorry:(
    But this!! Not jut the fabulous cake (because IT IS FABULOUS!!!) but the story adfghjk!!.. I did read with the flash-light under the covers. Pirate stories my favorites for a long while! Heehehe, wonderful trip back to childhood!

    • Re: OMG

      Aw, thank you so much. It definitely gave me a trip down memory lane when I was making it! I sorta thought I was a bit weird as a child for sneak-reading, so it’s really lovely to hear so many shared the experience.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. A great baker and an even greater story teller!!!!

    when Cameron brought the cake for big cake day I realized that cakes can also be work of beauty… My longing to relish the cake was overpowered by my desire to stand back and admire the art.

    But this cake goes even further…. It shows that a cake can even tell a story and transport you in time… amazing story build up and the visual realization of it via a cake is a fabulous effort… Kudos to you for that!!!!


  4. I love your blog! I enjoy reading your recipe try outs and I am inspired by your cake designs. I have a questions regarding this cake, how did you get the sides of the bed stand up like that? I make my MMF myself (similar recipe to yours) and I kneed in tylose or GMC to get gum paste, but even if I let my items dry for a night or 2 the fondant stays stretchy and the fondant figures start to fall as soon as I put them on the cake. Any advice?

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