Valentine’s Day bakerage

I've been really bad keeping up with the baking scene this year, but I definitely had to make time for some Valentine's Day baking.

Hearts. Always with the heart-shaped desserts in Feb.

My boyfriend loves two things: cheesecake and custard. So I decided to draw on his loves and combine them into four heart-shaped delectables for him to nom on Valentine's Day.

From left to right we have:

  • cookies and cream cheese cake
  • berry shortcake
  • chocolate creme crème brûlée cheesecake
  • lemon meringue custard tart

I basically took staple recipes and altered them to create something new. Cookies and cream was a generic cheesecake recipe using chocolate ripple biscuits (chocolate ripple cake is one of his favourite things, but making them heart shaped is tricky!). The shortcake features a raspberry coulis, topped with strawberries covered in melted jam. The brûlée has a mudcake base, topped with a generic cheesecake recipe with an addition of melted cocoa, in turn topped with the toffee coating of a brûlée. Finally, the tart is what you'd expect: shortbread base with lemon infused custard and toasted meringue!

Tobias could smell the treats and decided some sucking up was in order.

"Can I be your Valentine, too?"

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day bakerage

  1. haha, how happy and innocent does Tobias look? Still, no cakes for him. =P

    Thanks for the time and effort you always put into your food. I’m looking forward to polishing off more of these.

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