Majora’s Mask: Mask Cupcake Set [Masks #1-3]

I mentioned when I posted the Majora's Mask Cake that I really wanted to do the entire set of masks from the game. Though these will be in cupcake form rather than whole cakes because whoa time and whoa wastage of cake.

I got some time last week to churn out a few of them, so here are the first three.

I figured it was only natural to begin with the three transformation masks. These are the three main transformation masks acquired throughout the game (there's one more final mask, but it's at the end of the game and optional): the Deku mask, Goron mask and Zora mask. Link acquires these in various ways, but the end game is that you get to transform into these races at will. It's amazing fun. And I guess useful, too, if you can stop swimming around as a Zora and shouting "Look, ma! I can leap like a dolphin!" for long enough to actually do some quests and save the world.

Let's begin with the deku. At the beginning of the game, Link is transformed into a Deku Scrub. Once the curse is broken, he returns to human form and acquires the mask.

All the cupcakes are a red buttercake (for no reason other than I was making a large batch of cake batter for three projects, and it needed to be red for one of them) covered in chocolate buttercream and then fondant. The overall shape for this mask was the easiest to achieve, given the spherical shape of the mask. I wired the leaves, my first attempt at wiring since the last massive failure, so I was relieved they stayed put (for the most part). The markings were done with lustre dust.

I took on the Goron mask next. Link receives this mask after finding the shrine of Goron elder, Darmani, who has died without fulfilling his wish of saving his people. Link heals him, allowing him to move on and in turn seals all his power inside the mask.

This one took a bit of shaping both with the buttercream layer as well as bit of fondant before laying the top 'skin' of fondant over it. I couldn't decide whether to to blonde or white hair given it differs in all the official artwork. I was going to do white given Darmani's hair is white, but went for a pale blonde in the end. The white stood out a bit too much. 

And last of all is the Zora mask. This mask is recieved in equally grim circumstances. Link discoveres the fatally wounded Zora, Mikau, who was attempting to rescue the eggs of his friend and fellow band member, Lulu. He communicated his story and need to rescue them from the pirates before dying and leaving Link the mask imbued with his spirit.

This mask was by far the hardest to do, because it is so plain. The design lies mainly in the shape of the mask, and I failed a bit at representing that. Making the fins was lots of fun, though. These, like the Deku leaves, are wired. 

I'm looking really forward to  the challenge of creating the masks. Some are going to be easier than others (e.g. Blast Mask), and others are so complex I'm dreading getting that far. I'm also considering doing the Boss' Remains masks as well, which are going to be ridiculously complex so I might chicken out by that stage. 

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