Magic Johnson 32nd Birthday Cake

The owners of my rental decided it was time to renovate. After a few decades of wear and tear by its various inhabitants, they probably figured it what cheaper than maintaining it when things break down. While it’s exciting, it also means I have to move out without actually moving out. First on this hit list was the kitchen, so everything went into boxes. Food. Utensils. Pots. Pans. Platters. Cups. The lot of it had to be gone. We were assured it would take a week, so we didn’t think it would be too bad. A few months later they called us to say they’d start work. Sigh.

You guys might know from all the stuff you’ve seen me cook that I have a ridiculous amount of things in my kitchen. And you ain’t seen the half of it. Being without them all, and at times a kitchen has been a nightmare. But it’ll definitely be worth it in the end (and I can say bye to the gross yellow bench-tops that have appeared in all my blog photos since the beginning — ew!). But there’s definitely been little to no cooking during the process.

So in the interim I’ll show you this little cake I made for Cameron’s birthday.

Cakecrumbs' Magic Johnson Birthday Cake 05

Cam’s a big Lakers fan. I kinda am too, mostly because when I was a kid I decided I loved purple and gold together so they were the team for me. I’ve always been much more of an AFL fan than an NBA fan, mostly cause following a sport conducted on the other side of the planet is too much effort for me. Not so for Cameron, who [I leaned quickly after we met] passionately follows the sport at least as much as, if not more than, AFL. Through him I came to love the Lakers more.  Now we play the NBA 2k Sports games on the Wii/PS4 and spend even more time with the Lakers. At least I do. Cam likes choosing a different team every time, whereas I always choose the ’91 Lakers. Magic Johnson is absolutely my favourite player of all time, and going by the posters all over Cam’s bedroom he’s definitely his favourite as well. So when it was time for Cam to celebrate his 32nd birthday, we both thought it would definitely be fitting if the Mr. 32 himself graced the cake.

Cakecrumbs' Magic Johnson Birthday Cake 03

Now I’m working full time I had a very limited amount of time to work on the cake. Originally I was going to make the decorations from royal icing, but I just didn’t have enough time for it to set. I had about 6 hours after work one night to smash out the entire cake in time for his birthday, so I asked him if he’d be okay with fondant instead. I was trying to avoid using it as he doesn’t really like it. That said, this time he said he didn’t mind it that much. Probably because I’ve gotten a lot better at making the fondant really thin in the years since he let me make him a fondant-covered cake.

Cakecrumbs' Magic Johnson Birthday Cake 04

The jersey is designed after the Lakers’ old uniform. It was always going to have the 32 on it, but we were indecisive about whether to put Magic’s name, the Lakers logo or a birthday message. In the end we went for the birthday message as it was meant to be a birthday cake after all! Inside the cake there was a layer of banana cake and one of chocolate cake. The chocolate one was supposed to be kinda purple velvet, but it came out too brown instead. I used this recipe that I created when making him the Hawthorn cake.

4 thoughts on “Magic Johnson 32nd Birthday Cake

  1. So happy for you that a new kitchen is hovering on the horizon. I hope it includes a new you-beaut oven too! Lucky Cam to have you providing extra special birthday cake just for him. (Happy Birthday Cam!)

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