Chicken and Choc Dog-friendly Cookies

Rounding off the birthday box of treats I sent to my friend, these cookies were a little something to be shared. While I was sending her some noms I thought I'd send a few for her little furbabies, Rusty and Bella.

These cookies have to dairy, salt and cocoa removed to make them safe for puppy tummies. A treat you won't love, but your canid certainly will.

Let’s pounce on it…

Sammy’s Heart-Shaped Cookies

Last Christmas I received a Christmas card with these two beautiful canines gracing the front of it. I keep every card I ever receive, but this one is definitely among my most cherished. This is Sam and Bonnie, my lovely friend Anna's furbabies.

A fortnight ago, she received the terrible news that brave Sammy had lost his battle with cancer. It had returned with a vengeance and it would be a few short days before she would have to say goodbye.

Having had to say goodbye to a furbaby of my own three years ago this November, I know too well what a difficult time it is. Not just for us who are left behind, but for our loved one as well. It can be a stressful and confusing time for them, unable to really understand what's happening to them. There's nothing any of us can do but shower them with love. No doubt, Sammy got loads of it at the hands of Anna and family.

I felt pretty helpless, but if I could do anything to make his final days a little extra cheerful, I would jump at the chance. I dropped the assignment I was working on and hit the kitchen to make some canine treats for beautiful Sammy.

I’d like to share them with you and your furbaby…