Valentine’s Day bakerage

I've been really bad keeping up with the baking scene this year, but I definitely had to make time for some Valentine's Day baking.

Hearts. Always with the heart-shaped desserts in Feb.

My boyfriend loves two things: cheesecake and custard. So I decided to draw on his loves and combine them into four heart-shaped delectables for him to nom on Valentine's Day.

Take another little piece of my heart now, baby…

Peach and Orange Mousse Cake

Another cake for my boyfriend, this one for his 28th birthday. Again I wanted to stay away from fondant, and again I decided to tackle my arch nemesis: gelatine.

So many firsts in this cake. So the fact that it a) set, and b) was edible, was a HUGE relief. Especially since I was taking it to his place to be demolished by a bunch of people who, unlike my family, love cheesecake!

Happy Birthday to you, you’re a hundred and two…