Daring Bakers: 12 Days of Cookies

This month in the Daring Baker's challenge, we got a little bit festive. Holiday season is the time for sharing and Peta of Peta Eats is sharing a dozen cookies, some classics and some of her own, from all over the world with us. She gave us 12 cookie recipe to choose from and challenged us to bake at least one of the 12 cookies, as well as our own celebration cookies.

Here's the two I baked for the challenge.

Double the noms…

Red Velvet Lace Crisps

Chocolate lace crisps are such a classic and easily identifiable biscuit. The cracked outer layer dusted with icing sugar makes a lovely contrast to the chewy inner layer.

I decided to change this one up a little, giving it a hint of another classic: red velvet.

Crack into them…

Shortbread Buttons

Over on deviantART, a group called Artisan Craft was hosting a challenge this month for buttons. My philosophy in life is that everything can be made edible, so I decided to make some edible buttons for the challenge. I had thoughts of make fondant buttons on a cake or cupcakes, but I didn't have time for anything too fancy. But there's always time for shortbread.

Low on functionality, but big on noms…

Sammy’s Heart-Shaped Cookies

Last Christmas I received a Christmas card with these two beautiful canines gracing the front of it. I keep every card I ever receive, but this one is definitely among my most cherished. This is Sam and Bonnie, my lovely friend Anna's furbabies.

A fortnight ago, she received the terrible news that brave Sammy had lost his battle with cancer. It had returned with a vengeance and it would be a few short days before she would have to say goodbye.

Having had to say goodbye to a furbaby of my own three years ago this November, I know too well what a difficult time it is. Not just for us who are left behind, but for our loved one as well. It can be a stressful and confusing time for them, unable to really understand what's happening to them. There's nothing any of us can do but shower them with love. No doubt, Sammy got loads of it at the hands of Anna and family.

I felt pretty helpless, but if I could do anything to make his final days a little extra cheerful, I would jump at the chance. I dropped the assignment I was working on and hit the kitchen to make some canine treats for beautiful Sammy.

I’d like to share them with you and your furbaby…

Cook Book Challenge: Week 23

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front this week. I've been finishing off my final assignment for my last subject ever. Now I just have to finish off the research component of my course and I'll have a piece of paper declaring I have mastered science. Exciting. But scary.

While I've not been blogging, I've still been cooking. The masses always have to be fed, y'know. I've got lots to show you guys.

So now that I have time to take a breather, it's time for another cook book challenge post!

I didn't realise until doing this blog post that I took this weeks book from the wrong end of the pile. Now it's out of order. Ah! My OCD! *flail*

It's no secret that I love baking more than anything else in the kitchen. So a whole book on baking is always welcome. This week's book is Belinda Jeffrey's "Mix and Bake". 

Crunchy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bisuits…

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Cakes

Last week while I was grocery shopping I was heading down my favourite aisle (baking!) when I passed a giant wall of Oreos at the end of the aisle. They were on sale for $1 each. Score. I'm sure normal peoples first thought would have been, "Yum, Oreos". Mine was, "Yay, cupcakes!" I grabbed a box of the strawberry ones and chucked them in the trolley.

It took me a while to decide on what I wanted to do. My initial thought had been cupcakes, perhaps buttercakes baked with fresh strawberries inside. But in the end I went for something a little different.

First you twist it…

Cook Book Challenge: Week 17

The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits used in this weeks challenge boats 128 pages of classic biscuits, old recipes without the flair and twist. It feels almost like a surrogate nanna – I never met my grandparents so never had the opportunity to learn from them in the kitchen.

One classic biscuit I love to death but have never made at home is shortbread. I have no idea why it took until now to make it, but I'm so very glad I did.
Home made is always amazing…