Cook Book Challenge: Week 21

For the next 10 weeks of the challenge, I'll be going through this Mini Cookbook Collection. This set of books was a collection released by The Herald Sun. I don't read that propaganda paper, but my dad is a big fan of it. So he picked up the collection for me.

It features a bunch of recipes from these cook's actual recipe books, meant as a teaser to encourage you to buy the real thing. At $2 a pop, it was hard to resist the little taste test,

First cab off the rank is Jamie Oliver’s "Jamie Does…"

Cook Book Challenge: Week 1

My dad has a penchant for op-shopping. Perhaps too much so. He’s often picking up recipe books for me (almost always cake ones) that I can barely fit in my kitchen. What results is that, more often then not, I flick through them when he gives them to me, like the look of a few things and never remember to come back to it.

So, I’m setting myself a challenge. Once a week, from here until goodness knows when, I will cook a recipe from every cook book I have until I have made it through my entire collection. I will endeavour to cook something I have never cooked before, or something I thought was too hard to try, or one of those recipes that I fell in love with but then forgot. I will then blog my result, good, bad or ugly.

This week, I thought I’d start off with one of the largest cook books I have:

The Practical Encyclopedia of Potato and Rice