The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cupcakes

Depending on which corner of the world you call home, Catching Fire is either out or about to be out. Here in Aus, it came out today. I have to wait until tomorrow night to see it. If you’re wondering if I am going moderately insane having to wait an extra day, then yes. Yes I am. I am so excited I am quite literally bouncing. A lot.

To celebrate, I decided to make some Catching Fire themed cupcakes. Not that I need more sugar in by vicinity right now, but I couldn’t resist.

Cakecrumbs' Catching Fire Cupcakes 01

Having only seen the trailer (more times than I am going to admit) I thought I’d go for cupcakes that were symbolic of certain characters, rather than trying to depict actual objects from the movies as I’ve done in the past. I also wanted to do it in the least spoiler-ey way possible for those of you who haven’t read the books. So all these cupcakes mostly depict things we’ve seen in the trailers already.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Cupcakes

This Saturday is the big day!

Fans of the series will probably know already, but this Saturday The Hunger Games comes out in DVD. I am so excited. Beyond excited. Now we can all stop watching the crappy cinema cam version we've all been clinging to after emptying our pockets at the cinema. We can relive the experience without people walking past the screen or laughing or whooping at inappropriate times. So good.

The DVD release coincides with my very first weekend off in a long time, so I will be spending it sobbing into my popcorn over The Hunger Games and the loss of favourite characters.

I was so excited I decided to celebrate – with cupcakes!

I wasn't really happy with how the mockingjay pin cupcake come out on my first attempt when I made the Hunger Games cupcakes, so any excuse to give this another go was a welcome one. 

This post is gonna be really pic heavy, you guys. I spent so long making these that I can't resist showing you all every little detail.

They just want a good show, that's all they want…

Hunger Games Cupcakes

To say I live under a rock is an understatement. I don't watch TV, I don't listen to the radio, I don't read newspapers, because mainstream media just gets me aggravated. So it wasn't until last week, after a friend convinced me to join Tumblr, that via her fangirling there I even knew The Hunger Games was coming out. I immediately asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go – I had to wait until Sunday as the previous two days of the weekend were already booked in for a Sub Atari Knives gig and a Blacqk Audio/Evanescence concert.

Like many of you, I totally loved every second of the movie. So when I got totally frustrated with an assignment I was working on, I decided I should go into the kitchen and get frustrated with some cupcakes instead.

May the odds be ever in your favour…